Stones Roll Out Live Album, Possible U.S. Tour In The Works

The Rolling Stones' new live album "No Security" is said to be scheduled for released in the U.S. on November 17, according to "Billboard." The recordings are from several American shows on the "Bridges To Babylon" world tour. The publication reports that the release will include songs such as "Sister Morphine" and "Memory Motel" which are not featured on any previous live Stones record.

Meanwhile, sources close to the band say that the Stones are looking to possibly tour the States again early next year. Estimates on the number of shows under discussion have ranged from 14 to 30, most likely to take place in January and February.

Earlier this year the band had bumped their scheduled appearances in their homeland to mid-1999 for tax reasons. A spokesperson for the promoter tells MTV News that the rescheduling of the Rolling Stones' U.K. dates has expanded the overall touring window. But she adds that at this point, no decisions have been solidified regarding more

U.S. shows.