Robyn Wants A Little "R-E-S-P-E-C-T"

Robyn was only 16 when her debut album, "Robyn Was Here," was released in her homeland of Sweden. But fresh off the success of "Show Me Love," the singer -- who just turned 18 -- is back with a new single and video for "Do You Really Want Me (Show Me Respect)," and an eye towards a more adult tone for her next record.

"'Do You Really Want Me' is a song that I wrote when I was about 15 years old," [350k QuickTime] Robyn told MTV Radio recently. "It is a song, just like my first two singles, about respect, in a way. About how to respect yourself and how to get respect from your man or your boyfriend." [240k Audio]

While Robyn doesn't plan to tour behind "Robyn Is Here" -- the bulk of which she says was written between the tender ages of eleven and fifteen -- she is planning to head into a studio in her homeland during the next few weeks to start work on another record,

which should reflect her newer, more mature experiences. No word yet on when that album is slated for release, but we'll keep you posted.