Lou Reed Has "Perfect Day" On BBC

September 29 [12:00 EDT] -- An allstar video of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" featuring 27 artists has made its debut on England's BBC TV Network.

The production includes Reed himself along with U2's Bono, Elton John, Tom Jones, Robert Cray, David Bowie, Emmy Lou Harris, Suede, M People, Boyzone, the Lightening Seeds, opera diva Lesley Garrett, saxophonist Courtney Pine and the BBC Symphony Orchestra among others.

The four-minute video was shot as a tribute and a promotion for the BBC's support of live music. It features the stars singing one line each of the song with Reed himself supplying the first and last entries.

British news sources report the performers were paid 250 pounds each for their efforts. Filming took place secretly from April to August at a variety of locations: Tom Jones flew to England to record at the BBC TV studio; U2's segment was recorded in New York during their Pop Mart tour stop; Boyzone taped theirs backstage at Wembly Arena.

The classic

song was recently revived in Britain by its inclusion in the hit movie "Trainspotting."

The video is the subject of a bit of controversy in England, however. The network's commercial rivals, including Richard Branson's Virgin radio network, are protesting that as a public broadcaster funded by the government, the operation is not allowed to advertise.

Users with the RealAudio plug-in can check out the entire video at the BBC's website at www.bbc.co.uk.