Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson To Mark Passover Online

Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Sandra Bernhard and guitar wiz Gary Lucas will be among the artists helping to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover online this Sunday night.

They'll take part in the third annual jazz rock performance art version of the seder ceremony, staged by the downtown Manhattan experimental music club the Knitting Factory. It will be webcast live on the club's website at jewmu.com Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Eastern.

Gary Lucas, who used to play with the late Jeff Buckley, just released a new album called "Busy Being Born," on which he plays traditional Jewish songs like "Dayenu" and "Dreidel."

Also at the Knitting Factory seder will be John Zorn, whose acclaimed Jewish jazz quartet "Masada," just released its ninth album called "Tet" and plays the club April 27 through 29.