Anthony Kiedis Answers A Tough Question

In straight-talk news, Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis has been the subject of some dismaying rumors over the past several months, so when Chris Connelly encountered him at last week's "MTV Video Music Awards," he put the question to Kiedis directly.

CHRIS CONNELLY: So what has been up with you for the past year? There have been a lot of stories, a lot of rumors...

ANTHONY KIEDIS, Red Hot Chili Peppers: Have there? Well, you throw me a rumor and I'll throw you a truth.

CONNELLY: Have you been on heroin?

KIEDIS: During the last year I am sorry to say that I have used this narcotic substance which you previously mentioned in this interview, yes.

CONNELLY: And how did that happen, and how did that affect your ability to work?

KIEDIS: When I use drugs, my life kind of falls apart and gets really uncomfortable and sad, and I start hurting myself and everyone around me. And then, when I have the good fortune to get off of them,

everything gets better. My heart expands and I have good friendships and good relationships with my mom and dad, and I make good music and look at the sky and go "Oh yeah, it's a beautiful day." So in a nutshell, when I'm using, my life sucks, and then when I'm clean, my life gets really beautiful. So when I was using, my life got really ugly and sad, and now I'm just happy to be here and back and not using.

Kiedis is now working on lyrics for the next Chili Peppers album, but says he may soon need a bone transplant for the forearm he broke in a recent motorcycle accident. We'll keep you posted.