Chili Peppers Cancel Performances... Again

December 23 [14:15 EDT] -- It's been a yo-yo year for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, complete with drugs, two motorcycle accidents, the Jane's Relapse, and a modicum of rock-n-roll within the band.

The latest news is that the band has officially canceled their three upcoming make-up dates in Hawaii, Alaska, and Las Vegas. These performances were originally set for last summer, postponed for autumn, and then planned for the end of this month and early January.

In a statement from the group, Flea is quoted as saying that the lack of proper rehearsal time prompted the cancellations.

"This was a very painful decision to make," the bassist said, "especially as we've canceled these dates before. But it's important to us that we give our best as a band to our fans and we don't feel we're prepared to do that in this time." The band has not played together since July 26 at Mt. Fuji, Japan, which was cut short by a typhoon.

No word yet about when the shows will be rescheduled.