Flea Chats About Chilis' Success; Next RHCP Video In Works

Folks are really in the market for "Californication" these days, as the Red Hot Chili Peppers' latest will be hanging in there at number ten on next Monday's "Billboard" album chart.

The band whipped out some tunes from the new LP in a most memorable fashion during its closing set at Woodstock '99. MTV News' Chris Connelly talked to bassist Flea at the event (while he still had his clothes on) and asked how it felt to be back on top at this stage of the group's long career.

"I feel good about it in a good way," Flea told Connelly, "because when we had our other record that we had that was really successful, 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik,' at that time, we were the band of the moment. It was like a youth culture phenomenon. We were really the 'it' band at the time. At least much more than we are now, anyways. And now I feel like we're having a really successful record on the strength of our music alone....

It doesn't have anything to do with trendiness or being the 'it' band of the moment, like I said. So I feel really proud of that, and really happy of that. And I think that we made it really emotionally intense record." [RealVideo]

Flea and the rest of the gang will be shooting a video in Los Angeles this weekend for the group's next single, "Around the World."

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