Flea Takes The Lead In "Liar's Poker"

It's going to be a big week for Flea. The hyperactive Red Hot Chili Peppers bass player has a high-profile gig with his day job on Tuesday, and on Friday his new movie opens in Los Angeles.

Flea has the starring role in "Liar's Poker," an independent film that opens in exactly one theater -- the Mann Westwood Fourplex in Los Angeles -- this Friday. According to the movie's official Web site, Flea plays a "neurotic nerd" named Freddy in the flick, which is described as an urban Western murder mystery.

Flea is no stranger to the silver screen: he has previously appeared in "Less Than Zero," "Dudes," "My Own Private Idaho," "The Big Lebowski," and parts two and three of the "Back To The Future" franchise, among others. However, "Liar's Poker" marks his debut as a leading man.

Flea's involvement in the film doesn't end with his on-screen role; he also wrote and performed the song "No Words" for the movie, and it can be heard during the end titles.

Meanwhile, Tuesday

will see Flea performing with the Chili Peppers at the Top Of The World, located on the 107th floor of New York City's World Trade Center. The band is planning on mounting a full-scale U.S. tour next year (see "Red Hot Chili Peppers Take New Single To Top Of The World").