"Rap Pages" Resumes Publication

"Rap Pages," the L.A.-based hip-hop magazine last owned by Larry Flynt Publications, has been purchased by Timaj Publications and is preparing for a return to newsstands.

Larry Flynt Publications closed the magazine last December due to lack of advertising revenue and slim profits.

According to the magazine's Web site (www.rappages.com), the new "Rap Pages" should appear on newsstands in June 2000.

"Rap Pages" was one of the first hip-hop magazines in publication. Many fans who mourned its passing will be glad to know that founding editor Dane Webb, who started "Rap Pages" in 1992, will be brought back as Editor-in-Chief.

Timaj Publications is a black-owned company based in Los Angeles. As part of the new ownership, "Rap Pages" will also be printed in a Spanish language edition.