Joey Ramone And The Dawn Of Horror Ska

June 10 [16:15 EDT] -- Joey Ramone likes his rock with a twist these days. The pioneer of straight ahead three-chord punk is dabbling in horror ska with The Independents and Navaho punk (yup, Navajo punk) courtesy of Blackfire. If you're curious what any of this sounds like (we are,) both bands will be featured in a Fourth of July celebration that Ramone is throwing in conjunction with New York City's famed Coney Island High nightclub.

Blackfire, says Ramone, is three young punk activist sibblings with their roots in traditional music. Their father is a Navajo medicine man who performs dances and chants with the band on stage.

The Independents, fronted by Evil Presley, hail from a haunted house in South Carolina. Ramone is the Executive Producer on a CD project which is being produced by Daniel Ray, the unofficial fifth Ramone. Appropriately enough, Ramone and Ray begin mixing the album Friday, the 13th.

The Independents will also be playing the Warped tour when

it stops in Boston as well as a giant ska festival in New Hampshire August 23. Stay tuned to MTV News for details.