The Ramones -- All of Them -- To Reunite For Release

November 6 [16:00 EDT] -- Joey Ramone has confirmed that both the original line up and the revised Ramones will be on hand for the long-awaited debut of the band's movie/CD package, "We're Outta Here/The Last Ramones Show: All Access." Plans currently include a NYC Tower Records in-store autograph session and an appearance on the Howard Stern show both scheduled for November 25.

The biggest surprise is the inclusion of the long quasi-lost Tommy Ramone, the band's original manager/drummer who vacated the stool in 1977, although he later returned as a producer, aka Tommy Erdelyi. The other original member is bassist Dee Dee who left in 1989 to pursue a career as a rapper. He made a brief appearance with the band at the last concert in August, '96, included on the new CD. Also on hand will be the 'new guys,' Marky, who replaced Tommy, and C.J. who took over from Dee Dee.

Expect the Ramones to reminisce about their 22-year career, but don't expect them to play. The word is

that Johnny hasn't picked up a guitar since that last Ramones performance. It's a feat in itself that Joey and Johnny will again be in the same room. Since that last show, they have opted to live on separate coasts, ostensibly to remain as far away from each other as possible. Howard Stern fans may also be aware of an ongoing on-air feud between Marky and Joey.

As previously reported by MTV, Joey Ramone is working with Daniel Rey producing artists including The Independents, Ronnie Spector and 22 Jacks and is featured on the just-released Iggy Pop tribute album for Lifebeat. Marky Ramone has Marky Ramone & The Intruders, C.J. plays with his own band, Los Gusanos. Dee Dee just released a new solo album and a book called "Poison Heart: Surviving the Ramones."

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