Ramones Celebrate Box Set/Video Release

November 26 [10:45 EDT] -- For the first time in history, Ramones fans had the opportunity to see all six members together. The six signed autographs Tuesday at Tower Records in New York (the site of Green Day's recent chaotic in-store appearance) to celebrate the release of their box set and video documentary, "We're Outta Here/The Last Ramones Show: All Access," which includes their last live appearance, vintage footage from their 22-year career, and interviews with the band and other luminaries.

Earlier in the day, Joey, Marky, Johnny and C.J. Ramone were reunited for the first time since their final performance 15 months ago in Los Angeles, for an appearance on the Howard Stern show, where the shock jock attempted to stir up old band fights. The Ramones didn't bite, although they did nibble. The sniping battle between Joey and Marky Ramone in particular, perpetuated by Stern on previous shows, was revealed as also taking place

in a folder on AOL. Marky, however, denied being an anonymous poster. "I haven't had a computer in six weeks," he claimed.

"It was group therapy," Joey Ramone told MTV News about the radio appearance. "It was good, venting kind of stuff. It worked out okay."

From the Stern studio, the four were joined by former Ramones Tommy and Dee Dee, and the group made their way to Tower Records for a late afternoon autograph session. Close to 2,000 fans, some travelling from as far away as Brazil, Mexico and Europe for the event, came through the doors to meet the six Ramones. The bandmembers stayed an extra two hours to sign every last autograph.

"It was weird," Joey said. "All the guys that worked with us were there, like our tour manager, Monty, Arturo, the lighting guy, security people. It was like we hadn't broken up. It was another gig. A time warp."

Joey and C.J. Ramone (and special guests) will reunite again for Joey Ramone's Christmas Bash December

9 at the Continental in New York. There's no word on whether Marky will sit in. Johnny will be back home in Los Angeles.