Rammstein Reunited With Explosives For Tour Finale

After a fire marshall in Chicago kept their trademark pyrotechnics in dry-dock, the German industrial metal outfit Rammstein hit the stage in New York with all pistons (and flamethrowers) firing Wednesday night to wrap up its U.S. mini-tour.

The band had been slated to bring its flame-engulfed stage show to Chicago's Metro on Monday night, but the fire marshall refused to let the band bring their various pyrotechnic devices on stage at what a band spokesperson called, "the last minute."

Rammstein ran into no such problems Wednesday at New York's Roxy, where a fire truck and a gaggle of firefighters stood by, just in case. Despite the group's best efforts (which included a flamethrower, showers of sparks, and the use of explosions as percussion), the Roxy did not burn to the ground.

Under the veil of fire, the band (decked out in future-trash gear and silver face paint and hair dye) chugged through an hour and a half of menacing yet melodic synth-metal,

much of which was culled from their latest album, "Sehnsucht." ["Tier" Live, 900k QuickTime] Frontman Till Lindemann lurched around the stage like the bastard child of Iggy Pop and Herman Munster while the guitar duo of Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers cut through his baritone with laser precision. The band remained as tight as an iron fist through "Rammstein," "Tier," "Bestrafe Mich," "Fleisch," "Sehnsucht," "Asche," "Seemann," "Heirate Mich," "Riecher," "Du Hast," "Buck Dich," "Engel," and a three-song encore of "Spiel Mit Mir," "Laichzeit," and "Bringer."

The band is currently on its way to Europe where it will headline a number of festival shows this summer, and hopes to bring its act back to the U.S. for a full-blown tour in the fall.