Rammstein Promises "Harder" New Album

The fire-loving German industrial metallers in Rammstein may be the last people you would expect to sing the praises of tranquility, but apparently the band requires calm when creating its brand of chaos.

"The last two years, we were on tour and it was very hard to write new songs during that time," drummer Christoph Schneider told MTV News recently.

"You don't find the peace and quiet to work on new titles on the road," keyboardist Flake Lorenz added. "We have to sit in one room and concentrate."

The admission seems odd coming from a band that recently saw two members arrested for its over-the-top stage show (see "Rammstein's Act Lands Two Members In Jail"). However, the band claims that its extensive roadwork has left it with little in the way of material for a new album.

"It's too hard to write songs

on the bus," Schneider said. "The only time you have on the tour to make music is during sound check, but we are too lazy for that."

The band will finally hunker down in its native Germany this summer to work on material for a new album (see "Rammstein Plans To Drop Live Album Before Returning To Studio"), one that the band hopes will hit even harder than its Stateside breakthrough, "Sehnsucht."

"We try to make the record a little bit more hard and not so much pop in it," Lorenz said.

"At the time, we were very satisfied with ['Sehnsucht'], and now we try something new and try, how Flake says, to make the music a bit harder like the earlier days," [RealAudio]

Schneider added.


the new, harder version of Rammstein emerges, fans will be able to content themselves with "Live Aus Berlin," a live CD and video release that will hit stores on August 31.