Rage Against The Gorge

September 10 [16:00 EDT] -- The beleaguered Gorge in George is once again the subject of scrutiny and possible censorship on the part of country officials, this time centering on the Rage Against The Machine concert scheduled for this Friday at the Washington State amphitheater.

The local sheriff has lodged a complaint with the courts trying to block the performance. Court documents refer to the group as "militant, radical and anti-establishment" and note their allegedly "violent and anti-law enforcement" themes. Also referenced is Wu-Tang Clan, who are no longer on the tour.

The Sheriff, who has a longstanding riff with Universal Concerts, the promoters who operate the site located about 130 miles east of Seattle near the town of George, complained about "rampant" drug and alcohol abuse at earlier concerts. He cited traffic problems, unsanitary conditions and littering in the area surrounding the property, including a makeshift campsite in a nearby field.


same country officials had made a big show of beefing up security for Lollapalooza last month, but their posturing was all for not. The sparsely populated site sported no trouble. (Or people).