Rage Wins Right To Play The Gorge

September 11 [10:00 EDT] -- Rage Against The Machine have reportedly been given the green light for their show this Friday at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington.

Reuters news reports that a Grant County Superior Court Judge ruled that Sheriff William Wiester had failed to drum up "sufficient evidence" to block the band's scheduled performance. The sheriff had argued that the band was likely to whip the masses into a frenzy with its "violent and anti-law enforcement" messages.

In arguing against the concert in court Wednesday, the sheriff reportedly pointed to problems raised by other concerts at the Gorge this summer, and said that stops by Phish and this summer's Lollapalooza line-up were especially troublesome. Wiester reportedly went on to present videotape of underage drinking and drug use in areas surrounding the concert site.

However, Judge Ken Jorgensen reportedly ruled that the evidence did not prove that the band posed a serious threat to public

safety, and declined to grant Weister the restraining order he sought to stop the show.

Now Rage Against The Machine, with openers Roots and Atari Teenage Riot, will go on as scheduled Friday.