Rage Plays The Gorge With Beefed-Up Police Presence

September 15 [7:55 EDT] -- Rage Against The Machine fought the law, but it's hard to tell who won at the band's show Friday night in George, Washington.

After his failed attempt to ban the band's concert because of its "violent and anti-law-enforcement philosophies," Grant County Sheriff William Weister reportedly bumped police presence at the gig from the standard 12 officers to 50.

According to the "Seattle Times," the beefed-up force arrested more than 80 concert-goers for various offenses, including underage drinking and drug possession.

Of course, Rage had a few things to say about the police presence, and Sheriff Weister's failed attempts to block the show.

The "Times" reports that the band kicked off its set with a cover of the N.W.A. nugget "F*** Tha Police," and singer Zack de la Rocha addressed the crowd at one point saying, "There ain't nothing more frightening than a pig with political aspirations. We take it as an insult that he calls us violent

because everybody knows the police are out of control."