Rage's Tom Morello To Turn Up In New "Star Trek" Film

While Rage Against the Machine is currently holed up in a Los Angeles studio with producer Brendan O'Brien, finishing up tracks for the band's third album, guitarist Tom Morello will soon find himself on screens nationwide when "Star Trek: Insurrection" opens on Friday.

Morello makes a surprise appearance in the ninth film of Gene Roddenberry's sci-fi franchise as an unnamed, although according to actor Patrick Stewart, it might be very difficult for anyone to single out the costumed Morello during his scene.

"He's not going to be recognized," Stewart said of the Rage guitarist during an interview with the MTV Radio Network. "He was in an alien suit and make-up, and the poor guy is not going to be visible -- except I suppose he'll be able to point to himself."

While Rage Against the Machine didn't get properly started on its new album until a few months ago, Morello has remained busy throughout 1998, having collaborated with the Indigo Girls and Perry Farrell, in addition

to helping cut songs for several movie soundtracks, including "Small Soldiers" and "The Faculty."