Silverchair's Johns Cleared Of Harassment Charges; Rage's De La Rocha Facing Similar Claims

Harassment charges against Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns were withdrawn in a Newcastle, Australia court on Monday.

Counsel for Johns' 26-year-old accuser told the court that the allegations were "totally untrue" and "unsubstantiated" and apologized to Johns for any trauma the accuser may have caused.

A law student named "Emily Spencer" had filed charges against Johns on June 28, claiming that he had threatened and harassed her. The woman was soon revealed in the Australian press to be a roadworker named Jodie Anne-Maree Barnes (see "Silverchair's Daniel Johns' Accuser: An Obsessed Fan?").

According to a press release issued by Silverchair, Barnes' counsel expressed concern that the case had been allowed to progress as far as it had and admitted that the law could benefit from reforms to prevent people from bringing such "fallacious and petty claims" against innocent parties.

A spokesperson for Johns, noting

the widespread coverage the charges had received, said, "I hope that the media covers the truth of this matter as prominently as they covered the lies."

A statement issued by Johns himself read, "These completely false charges and the sensationalized media coverage which they have received in some places have been very upsetting for myself and my family. I'm glad the truth has finally come out."

Meanwhile, another case of harassment is also pending in Australia, this time against Rage Against The Machine's Zack de la Rocha.

A woman in Sydney appeared in court earlier this month seeking a restraining order against the singer, claiming he's been stalking her since they met backstage at the Big Day Out festival in 1996. The woman claims that since that time, de la Rocha has assaulted her, drugged her, and thrown a rock through her window.

The hearing was adjourned until next month in order to give de la Rocha a chance to respond.

A spokesperson for the

band's label told MTV News that the case against de la Rocha is similar to the one against Johns, in that it's stemming from an obsessed fan. The spokesperson added that it's not even expected to make it as far as a court hearing.