Radiohead Shoot, Then Scrap New Video

September 3 [12:00 EDT] -- While you've been seeing Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" [1MB QuickTime] more often than hearing it, the opposite will be true for the band's next single.

The group's clip for "Paranoid Android" is getting heavy exposure on MTV while the epic six-and-a-half minute song itself is considered too long for radio.

Now, our colleagues in the MTV Radio Network report that band has already shot, and trashed the video for its next single, "Let Down." Radiohead's Ed O'Brien said that the band filmed a clip for the song, and then realized they hated it, unanimously deciding to scrap it and not shoot another.

So while you might catch the song on the radio, there are no plans to film a video for "Let Down" that doesn't make the band cringe.

The next time you see Radiohead may be when the video for "Karma Police," the third single from "OK Computer," hits the airwaves.