Radiohead Documentary Gets A Release Date

The much anticipated Radiohead tour documentary "Meeting People Is Easy" finally has a release date. The movie is scheduled for distribution on home video in the U.K. November 16 of this year, and in the States on January 26, 1999, according to Capitol Records.

The film will most likely make its debut at the CMJ Filmfest (part of the giant annual college music conference) in New York the first week in November, according to sources in England. A spokesperson for the festival told MTV News that the organization was hoping to include the film but cautioned that while it was likely, it wasn't a done deal.

The 94-minute production was shot by Grant Gee, the man behind Radiohead's "No Surprises" video, and features "a view from the inside looking out." The footage was taped over the past year and includes the band's performances in Barcelona, Paris, New York and Tokyo. The film mostly concentrates on conveying the strange life of a rock group on the road with the reoccurring

theme reportedly being the vast numbers of people the band meets over the course of their travels.

Fans will also apparently get a glimpse of the beginnings of new material slated for the next Radiohead album. On that topic, the group has said that while they intend to begin recording the album next month, they also intend to proceed at a leisurely pace.

One Radiohead-related film that will be airing at the CMJ festival for sure is "Velvet Goldmine." That flick features Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood teaming up with Andy MacKay of Roxy Music and Bernard Butler, Clune, Paul Kimble under the name The Venus In Furs for a number of songs on the movie's soundtrack.