Radiohead Stages Second Surprise Webcast

After much anticipation, Radiohead staged a second surprise Webcast on its official site Thursday night.

This time around, the group could be seen sitting around a fire, spinning discs, dancing, flashing signs and drawings, and jamming live in the studio. The bandmembers also kept in contact with viewers via the site's official message board, although the messages soon scrolled off as word spread and fan posts poured in.

Drummer Phil Selway, guitarist Ed O'Brien, and bassist Colin Greenwood handled most of the DJ duties this time around as they spun their favorite discs. Selway also jammed in the studio with singer Thom Yorke and guitarist Jonny Greenwood, who provided some noodling on the keyboards later on.

The broadcast ended with the group debuting a new song which appeared to be called "Everything In Its Right Place;" a message posted by producer Nigel Godrich referred to it as "Assing Around Big Time."

The producer also noted that guitarist O'Brien

had inadvertently forgotten to air some of the many demos sent to him after he had expressed a desire to use the group's online events to debut new material by indie acts.

O'Brien had sent out a call for demos in his diary on the band's official site ( following the group's first Webcast in December (see "Radiohead Makes A Surprise Net Appearance").

Godrich added that the demos will probably be posted as MP3 files in the near future.

The bandmembers appeared on monitors at 6:15 p.m. (ET) and stayed until just after 10 p.m. (ET), and the appearance marked the group's last gathering in the studio prior to taking a week off.

Radiohead is currently working on the follow-up to its acclaimed "OK Computer," which was released in July of 1997. The as-yet-untitled new LP is expected out this spring.