Radiohead Spawns "Kid A," Plans Additional Releases

It's official. Radiohead's new album will be titled "Kid A," and is scheduled for release October 3, 2000. The record is set to include ten tracks:

  • "Everything In Its Right Place"
  • "Kid A"
  • "The National Anthem"
  • "How To Disappear Completely"
  • "Treefingers"
  • "Optimistic"
  • "In Limbo"
  • "Idioteque"
  • "Morning Bell"
  • "Motion Picture Soundtrack"

According to bandmember posts on Radiohead's official Web site, the group recorded demos for roughly 40 songs, completing 26 of them. Surprisingly, among the missing is "Knives Out," which was debuted for fans during the band's first surprise Web cast last December (see "Radiohead Makes A Surprise Net Appearance") and was much-discussed on the band's site.

Other previously mentioned tracks not on the final list include "Egyptian Song" (a/k/a "Nothing To Fear"), "Kinetic," "You and Whose Army?" and "Cuttooth." The song

previously known as "Everyone" is now "The National Anthem."

According to an interview in a Dutch magazine, bassist Collin Greenwood said Radiohead plans to release songs that didn't make the album as a series of EPs soon after "Kid A" hits the streets.

The band began recording "Kid A" in Paris early in 1999 before completing the record at facilities in Copenhagen, a makeshift studio in the English countryside, and a studio in London. Nigel Godrich produced the album.

Meanwhile, expect to hear singer Thom Yorke popping up in a couple of duets. P.J. Harvey told Britain's "New Musical Express" that she and Yorke spent four days recording in Spain. Yorke and Harvey will duet on "This Mess We're In," and Yorke will also provide backing vocals for "Beautiful Feeling?" and "One Line," all for a new PJ Harvey album due out this fall. Yorke has also reportedly recorded a song with Björk for the soundtrack to her movie debut, "Dancer In The Dark," scheduled for release

in September.