Radiohead Talks About "Kid A" Number One Stunner

When Radiohead found out its new album would be landing at number one on next week's "Billboard" albums chart, perhaps no one was more surprised than the band itself.

"Kid A," Radiohead's long-awaited follow-up to its 1997 LP, "OK Computer," sold more than 207,000 copies during its first week in stores, easily outdistancing this week's number one, Mystikal's "Let's Get Ready," which will be bounced down to number two (see "Radiohead Leads Green Day, Scarface In Big Chart Week").

Talking with MTV News on Thursday, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke discussed the album's chart-topping accomplishment and postulated why so many Yanks so quickly adopted their own "Kid A."

"I think a lot of people maybe saw 'Kid A' as representing something [larger] for a lot of people," Yorke said. "I'm not quite sure what that is, and I'm not quite sure

whether the record actually fulfills that or not, right? It's not for me to know, really, and I cannot get my head around the fact that it's number one in America at all. It just doesn't mean anything. It's just la-la."

When asked how the band celebrated its achievement, Yorke replied, "We went out and we had a glass of champagne, and we all looked at each other, just [shaking our heads and] going, 'What?' A close friend of mine said, 'Do you know how hard that is? Do you know how hard that is?'

"I don't know. In a way, I'm the last person you should ask about it. I mean, it's really amazing, and I'm just trying to enjoy the moment. I want to be able to say to my kids, 'Look, this happened,' and that sort of thing, and leave it at that. If I tried to really work out, 'Why is this happening?' and the record company business and all that sort of thing, I wouldn't sleep at all."

Radiohead is slated to perform on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, followed by shows in Toronto on Tuesday, October 17 and in Los Angeles on Friday, October 20.

Look out for more of MTV News' exclusive interview with Thom Yorke in an MTV News Online feature premiering here next Friday.