R.E.M. To "Party" For Cameo TV Role

While R.E.M. doesn't plan on playing in front of American audiences until the late summer, the band has agreed to make a series of cameo appearances across various television programs before then.

The remaining trio of Michael Stipe, Mike Mills and Peter Buck perform alongside their furry "Sesame Street" friends later this month, and next week the band will go on location to shoot a scene for an upcoming episode of "Party of Five."

During a phone interview with MTV's John Norris, Stipe explained that R.E.M. would appear on the hit Fox-TV show, for a very special occasion.

"I think it involves Claudia getting kissed," Stipe said, referring to the character portrayed by Lacey Chabert. "So that's kind of exciting. "Of course the song is 'At My Most Beautiful,' which is a very romantic song. So, that's nice."

"Are you a fan [of

the show]," Norris asked, "or do you even watch much TV?"

"Yeah, I've seen it," Stipe admitted. "I like it." [28.8 RealAudio]

The R.E.M. vocalist told MTV that "Party of Five" producers have long pleaded with the band to appear on the show, especially since the group's music is often used as a soundtrack for the angst-ridden lives of the show's principals. The episode featuring the cameo from the band is slated to air this April.

In related news, R.E.M. has completed the video for "At My Most Beautiful," the planned third single off its most recent album, "Up." The clip, which is due to hit airwaves shortly, was filmed by director Nigel Dick, known for his work with Backstreet Boys, Cher and Britney Spears.