Washington Bankrobbers Inspired By Queen Latifah Film

Inspired by the Queen Latifah movie "Set It Off," five females robbed an Olympia, Washington, bank on July 31 and were caught separately and arrested a few days later.

Just as it happened in the film, four of the five accomplices entered the Anchor Savings Bank wearing hooded sweatshirts, dark stocking caps and bandannas, while the fifth stood watch outside. Inside the bank, one robber called out the time in five-second intervals, another stood guard and the remaining two vaulted the counter and stole an undisclosed amount of cash, according to a spokesperson for the Olympia Police Department.

After completing the heist in 53 seconds, one robber thanked the tellers and the customers, and then all of the females fled on foot. They ran into some nearby woods to stash their clothes and two stolen handguns before catching a bus back home to Aberdeen, about 60 miles west of Olympia.

While following their own investigative leads and the tips of citizens, police not only

found the two women -- Virginia Marie Kay, 33, and Amber Lynn Wood, 20 -- and the three teenage girls allegedly involved in the robbery, but they also recovered a copy of the movie "Set It Off" in the females' shared home.

Kay and Wood were arrested last Friday and were charged with first-degree robbery, and the two are currently being held in Thurston County Jail, according to the police. The three teens, on the other hand, were picked up by the police in Vacaville, California, on Monday this week and were charged in juvenile court the following day for the same robbery offense.

Four of the five have confessed to the crime, while Kay, who is also the mother of one of the teen robbers, continues to deny the charge.