Prodigy's New Video: Prank Of The Year?

The "Prank of the Year" award, if we had one, would surely have to go to the English techno band Prodigy, which drew considerable flack for titling a track on its current album "Smack My Bitch Up," and is now rubbing it in with a video for that track that's unlikely to be aired in this country, or maybe even on this planet. The clip -- which features non-stop boozing, drug-snorting, girl-bashing, and full frontal female nudity, and is lurid beyond belief -- is shot from the point of view of an anonymous maniac on a binge, crashing through a series of bars and strip clubs in search of depraved kicks. It sounds disgusting, but annoyingly enough, it's brilliant and fearless and appallingly funny, with a trick ending that subverts all the sleaze that's preceded it. Not for everybody, and not for kids at all, it's worth keeping an eye out for at rock clubs, which seem likely to become this video's natural and perhaps only habitat.