Prodigy Video To Air On MTV As Controversy Continues

December 4 [19:00 EDT] -- As controversy continues to swirl around Prodigy's new single "Smack My Bitch Up," MTV has decided to air the graphic video for the track.

The video will get its MTV premiere Sunday, December 7 at midnight during "120 Minutes" and will air again at 1, 2, and 3 a.m.

The Associated Press reports that Time Warner execs are feeling the heat from the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women. NOW spokesperson, Janice Rocco, said, "This teaches violence against women is a form of entertainment." And in an "LA Times" interview, Rocco commented, "I think it is deplorable for Madonna's record company to be putting this kind of message out into the mainstream music market." Prodigy's label is Maverick, Madonna's label that she co-owns with Warner Brothers, a subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.

The band issued a statement on Thursday to try to clear the air about some of these issues. The group notes that the line "Change my pitch up/Smack

my bitch up" is a sample taken from the Ultramagnetic MCs track "Give The Drummer Some" and is not actually penned by the Prodigy.

The group also says that since there are no other lyrics to the song other than the sample, the song doesn't have the lyrical content to glorify anything. The statement goes on to say that the band is categorically against violence against women, or any kind of gratuitous violence.

After laying out a few other arguments in their statement, the Prodigy conclude that their listeners are too smart to act out their song lyrics, and note that arson numbers did not go up after "Firestarter."