Prodigy Courts More Trouble

December 9 [12:00 EDT] -- There's more trouble (and more publicity) for the Prodigy in Britain in the wake of their provocatively titled new single, "Smack My Bitch Up."

The Press Association in England reports that billboards advertising the song have been publicly condemned by "sickened" politicians who expressed "disgust and outrage." Fifteen Labour party Members of Parliament, the majority women but led by Barry Gardiner, launched the campaign. The MP's filed an early motion Monday urging the band's record company to "to withdraw this advertisement immediately."

Gardiner told the P.A. News that he first saw the billboards while driving in his car with his ten-year old daughter who inquired about the meaning of the title, which is reproduced in large letters on the ads.

"It is extremely offensive and particularly in the sense of violence against women," Gardiner told the news service. "I am not a prude and I think the Prodigy are a very good group. But they

should think about the message they are giving out, especially to young women, and to young men about the way they should treat women. They should "sack their advertising manager," he added.

England's Advertising Standards Authority is also formally investigating the poster campaign after a high number of complaints.

A Prodigy spokesperson told P.A. News the campaign had ended, anyway.