Prodigy's Flint Resting After Motorcycle Accident

Just as Liam Howlett’s DJ mix album, "The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One," is about to hit store shelves on April 6, his fellow Prodigy bandmate, Keith Flint, is recovering from a high speed motorcycle accident that resulted in ligament damage to one of his knees.

Last week, Flint (a professional racer) lost control of his 1000 CC Ducati bike while trying to overtake another rider at England’s Mallory Park. The "Firestarter" was travelling at approximately 120 miles per hour when he left the track, crossed a short run-off area, and hit a barrier. After losing consciousness for a short period of time, he came to and was treated track-side by paramedics. The next day, he followed-up with a doctor’s visit. At the time of his accident, Flint was competing in a Clubsmen’s event for his Reve/Red Bull racing team.

A spokesperson for Prodigy says that Flint will be kept off the track for a few weeks because of his injury and his band’s South African tour schedule, however

he is eager to rejoin his team. Flint says of the accident, "You only come off if you’re really pushing it and trying your hardest, and I’ll be getting back on as soon as I can."

Prodigy performed with a bandaged flint on Monday in Cape Town, South Africa to help kick off a handful of dates. The next stop for the group will be on Wednesday in Johannesburg.

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