Prince Paul Releases Soundtrack, Starts Work On Related Film

Hip-hop impresario Prince Paul has built up a rep for his production work with such acts as De La Soul, Big Daddy Kane and Biz Markie -- as well as his work in the Wu-Tang spin-off, the Gravediggaz.

Now Prince Paul has just released his second solo effort, "Prince Among Thieves," the long-awaited follow-up to his first solo album, 1996's "Psychoanalysis: What Is It?"

In a reversal of how most film projects are created, Prince Paul had originally recorded "Prince Among Thieves" as a concept album that would approximate the look and the feel of a soundtrack record -- minus the accompanying film. But over the course of creating the album, Paul came to realize that a movie could in fact be made from "Prince Among Thieves."

"[The album] is everything I've ever possibly learned," Paul said, "from DJing, production, it's all in the record. It's actually a movie on wax. I mean, what I've done -- as opposed

to making a movie first and then making a soundtrack -- well Prince Paul, being as ill as he is, he makes the soundtrack first and then tries to hustle and get the money to make the movie. So, I have tons of people on [the album], from Chris Rock the comedian to Chubb Rock, De La Soul and Everlast. It goes on and on."

Prince Paul's ploy has paid off, as a motion picture based on "Prince Among Thieves" is currently in production.