Prince Wins Small Court Victory

April 11 [14:00 EST] -- Prince has reportedly won an early victory in his lawsuit against two former employees. The AP reports that Carver County District Judge Jean Davies will not allow the news media into her Minnesota courtroom to cover the artist's impending case against Arlene and Erlene Mojica. The judge has also reportedly issued a gag order that prevents from any parties involved in the case from speaking publicly about it.

Prince has charged the Mojica sisters with violating the confidentiality clause of their contract which would have barred the sisters from speaking to the news media about the performer. A British tabloid carried a story featuring what it claimed were "on the scene" details (provided by the Mojica sisters) of the death of Prince's infant son from cloverleaf skull syndrome. Prince has only commented in vague terms about persistent reports that he lost a week-old son last fall.

Responding to the fact that Prince and his wife filed the lawsuit

under the names John and Jane Doe, Judge Davies also reportedly said she would not allow the use of aliases in court. It is not yet known how Prince (who long ago shed his name in favor of an unpronounceable symbol) will be referred to on court documents.