Porno's New "Urge"

MTV: Meet the kinder, mellower Perry Farrell on Porno For Pyros second album, "Good God's Urge". It's no surprise that the video, "Tahitian Moon" is set in the tropics, since inspiration for the songs on the album came while the band was on a surfing sabbatical on the south pacific islands of Fiji, Tahiti, and a little known mystical island.

PERRY FARRELL, Porno For Pyros: There was a great deal of power there, so much so that there were rocks, and this witch that we met there said, "Listen, when you leave here, most people aren't supposed to take rocks, but I want you to take a rock." So I grabbed one. I still have this rock.

MTV: To record the album, the band chose another seaside setting, legendary Shangri-La studios in Malibu, California. Where they insist there were more supernatural goings-on, thanks to some resident ghosts.

PETER DI STEFANO, Porno For Pyros: Yeah, I've seen them. Both at the same time, so it's not like one person is losing their mind. We both

saw them at the same time.

FARRELL: Everybody that was up there...

STEFANO: Robby Robertson, just ask him.

FARRELL: ...was either scared to stay there, or they loved it there. They really did.

STEFANO: He owned the place. He used to live there. He told me there's lots of ghosts there, before I had even seen any.

FARRELL: We made some incredible friends, and some nights I would swear the people that would show up, I would swear they weren't real, and I would think that, and I'd be like, "Well, you aren't real, are you?", and they would go, "No."

JOHN NORRIS: We are here at the home base of Perry Farrell's web sight, "Teeth", where you can not only communicate with him, you can also order tickets to the Enit festival, that's Perry's successor to Lollapalooza. In keeping with the earth-conscious spirit of the new record, Perry promises that Enit will be a whole new concert experience.

FARRELL: You'll see what I want to celebrate with

Enit is us inheriting this earth and becoming adults. Let's make ourselves the most important thing. Let's make the night the most important thing. Let's look up, let's look up at the stars and really start to think again, like question about, like, are we alone, of course we're not. Let's see how beautiful mother nature builds, architects her plants, and look at the color she puts out and look how individual each one, each and every one of her plants and beings are. We love the DJ thing. We love the techno thing. We love Nancy Sinatra. We're asking her if she'd like to do it.

MTV: Part rave, part camp, part hippie ego fest, Enit aspires to be a lot of things. One thing it's definitely not though is the testosterone charged Lollapalooza '96, and Perry says that's the point.

FARRELL: I see a better way, so I'm just going to go ahead and do that. Lollapalooza, I wish them all the luck in the world. I hope they have a great year, and I hope that they do well in the future.

Me, myself, I've got some ideas. They weren't into the ideas, so I'm gonna go over here, and that's the way I'm going to work it.

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