Sting Discusses Paternal Film Role, Demos Songs For Next Record

The newest British film hoping to make a "Full Monty"-like splash here in the U.S. is the comedic thriller "Lock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels," which debuts in theaters in New York and Los Angles this weekend, and features Sting taking another big screen bow in one of the movie's central roles.

"Lock, Stock and Two Barrels" tells the story of four friends living in London's treacherous East End who go to some unusual lengths to get out of debt. Things get particularly complicated when one of the friends, who is a card shark, loses a large sum of money in a rigged game to an underworld boss named Harry Hatchet.

The friends end up turning to the card shark's father for help, a role portrayed by none other than Sting. While at the movie's premiere in L.A., Sting -- whose former label, A&M Records, recently closed its doors as part of the Unigram merger -- talked about the part.

"I play a father of one of the main characters. I don't know how old he is, but I feel good playing

his dad. It's nice to be a dad. It's kind of that time in my career -- I'm playing people's dads."

It has not been determined which Unigram label would release Sting's next album, the follow-up to 1996's "Mercury Falling," although Sting told his fan club in a written note that he has already starting to demo material.

Sting hopes to have the record, which the fan club believes to have the working title of "The Lovers," out sometime this year -- and possibly as early as September. Until then you can catch Sting in "Lock, Stock and Two Barrels, " which opens nationwide in March.