New Sheen-Michaels Movie, New Lawsuit

November 20 [12:00 EDT] -- Poison singer Bret Michaels is now working on co-writing and directing another independent feature film for Sheen-Michaels Entertainment, "No Code of Conduct," formerly known as "The Last Child." It's starring his partner Charlie Sheen and Sheen's Dad, actor Martin. The movie, which just started shooting in Arizona, centers on a hard-nosed, ex-vice squad cop (Charlie Sheen) up against dangerous drug dealers.

Apparently all is not well on the set. The Associated Press reports that two film producers have launched a lawsuit against the company seeking payment for financing the flick even though the movie is still in production.

According to the AP, Alexander Tabrizi and Anthony Esposito are claiming in court papers filed yesterday (November 18) that they were promised 5 percent of the $600,000 budget and a production credit, but they have yet to be paid. They want $1 million in damages.

Although reps for neither Charlie Sheen nor Michaels

would comment for the story, the problems may stem from the delay in releasing the previous Sheen-Michaels film, "A Letter From Death Row," starring Michaels and Martin Sheen, which was originally due this fall. The movie, along with the soundtrack CD which basically constitutes Michaels solo album, have been delayed until next year.

Press reports have incorrectly identified Michaels as the "former" singer of Poison, but the band has not broken up. On the contrary, they're reuniting with original guitarist C.C. DeVille to record a new album next year.