New Pamela Lee Sex Tape Emerges

A new video, obtained from a "non-disclosed authorized source" by the Internet Entertainment Group, starring Mrs. Lee, is about to be unleashed on the marketplace.

This new video features Lee with her ex-boyfriend, Bret Michaels, singer for Poison. Heather Dalton, a spokesperson for the IEG says about the tape, "It is all sex and is going to be a collector's item for the true voyeur."

IEG declines to state when the Michaels-Lee tape was created. Dalton says that the tape will be aired in its entirety "digitally enhanced" on IEG's website on January 26, before being sent to stores in VHS, DVD, and video CD formats.

Coincidentally, about this time last year we reported that Michaels hired a private investigator claiming that his dog had been killed, his car sabotaged, and his Nashville home set afire all because he refused to sell X-rated videotapes he'd made with Pamela Lee back when she was Pamela Anderson (see "Poison Singer

Fears For His Life" from January 23, 1997 in the MTV News Gallery).

Michael's lawyer says that he's warned IEG it has no clearance to release the tape, and adds that Bret has spent $100,000 trying to stop the tape from coming out. Michael's lawyer also suspects that an ex-employee of Michaels' stole the tape.