Pink Floyd Laying Low

Pink Floyd fans fortunate enough to have tuned in to the BBC World Service program, "Pop on the Line," this past Sunday got some good news and some bad news.

The good news was that Floyd guitarist David Gilmour was guesting on the program, taking questions from fans via phone lines and the Internet. The bad news was that Gilmour proceeded to quash any hopes they had about seeing activity from the band before or on the Millenium.

Rumors had been pressing about such topics for months, if not years, but Gilmour told the audience that he "greatly doubts" that there will be a new album before the Millenium and that there are "no plans" for a tour or special events including a Millenium performance.

Gilmour says for his part, he plans on staying home, tending his young children, while wife Polly Sampson works on a book of short stories.

The guitarist even coughed up news of reclusive Floyd founder Syd Barrett. Barrett was the singer, songwriter and lead guitarist Gilmour

replaced in the very early years after Barrett was unable to continue due to mental illness. Gilmour told fans that Barrett's mental health was better than it has been in years but his physical health is declining -- he suffers from diabetes and failing eyesight.