Liz Phair Discusses New Album's Family Matters

Liz Phair's sex-spiked debut album, "Exile in Guyville," made her a consensus critics favorite when it was released five years ago, but Phair's chronic stage fright and unpolished live performances have hampered her from reaching a larger audience.

After taking time off since her last record, 1994's "Whip-Smart," to have a child, Phair has just released her third album, "whitechocolatespaceegg," and took to the stage at Lilith Fair recently to unveil songs from the album, as well as dust off the live chops from her older material.

It was while on the femme festival, where Phair had been tapped as a last-minute replacement for Sheryl Crow, that MTV News caught up with the Chicago-based musician, who discussed what the outlook for her new album was, considering all that had happened to her during the four-year break.

"This album is about the difficulties I have had in my relationship," Phair said, "like the difficulties that have arisen from being in a committed relationship,

having a child, feeling the need to grow [the family] beyond just the [married] couple, and all those kind of struggles that you have ... It's really about me trying to answer questions that I can't find answers for." [600k QuickTime]