Teen Found Guilty In "Jeremy" Murder Trial

September 26 [10:00 EDT] -- On Wednesday, the so-called "Jeremy" murder trial came to an end in Seattle, Washington when a Superior Court jury found 16-year-old Barry Loukaitis guilty of first degree murder in the February 1996 shooting of his algebra teacher and two classmates, at Frontier Junior High in Moses Lake.

Defense attorneys tried to prove that Loukaitis was partly driven to kill by watching Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" video [1MB QuickTime], which tells the story of a troubled teen sent over the edge by his parents and his peers.

During the trial Loukaitis' mother testified that she had once told her son she wanted to commit suicide in front of her estranged husband.

Due to Loukaitis' age the state did not seek the death penalty. He faces life in prison without parole at his sentencing on October 10.