R.E.M./Pearl Jam Single Offers Bill Berry's Last

December 8 [10:00 EDT] -- An R.E.M. track included on a special fan club-only single, which features a Pearl Jam track as well, boasts the final contribution of drummer Bill Berry, who left R.E.M. last month.

The single is a holiday treat for members of R.E.M. and Pearl Jam's fan clubs, and features the now-former R.E.M. drummer on a mostly instrumental song titled "Live For Today." The song was apparently recorded in April and August of this year while the band was writing tracks for its next album.

Meanwhile, on the flipside of the single, Pearl Jam tackles "Happy When I'm Crying," which reportedly opens with the voice of a woman named Francesca who says in Italian, "it is a pleasure for us to wish you, together with R.E.M., a merry cucumber."

Eddie Vedder and R.E.M. supposedly first discussed the idea back in 1996, but the two bands could not meet a Christmas deadline that year.