Pearl Jam Tour Dates Confirmed

December 12 [12:00 EDT] -- Pearl Jam has confirmed that Seattle mates Mudhoney will be the opener when they play Maui February 20.

The match is a natural considering that it was Mudhoney's Matt Lukin -- or at least his kitchen -- that was immortalized in the song "Lukin" on Pearl Jam's "No Code."

Pearl Jam has also announced some of the dates on the Australian tour that will follow the Hawaii date, but they have yet to say who will be opening those shows. It won't, however, be Brad. That band, which features Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard, is touring down under in January, opening for Ben Harper. The popular rumor was that Brad would be sticking around for the big show, but the official word is no, that's not the case.

Pearl Jam will be releasing their new album, "Yield," February 3, with the first single, "Given To Fly," making it to radio December 22. Tour dates in the States and Canada will follow the Australian road trip plus the band is considering an invitation

to perform at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in Washington, DC in June.

The tour dates for Pearl Jam, so far, are as follows:

  • 2/20 - Maui, Hawaii, Maui Arts & Cultural Center
  • 2/26 - Wellington, New Zealand, Queen's Wharf Events Center
  • 2/28 - Auckland, New Zealand, Ericcson Stadium
  • 3/2, 3, 5 - Melbourne, Australia, Melbourne Park
  • 3/7 - Adelaide, Australia, Thebarton Oval
  • 3/9, 11, 12 - Sydney, Australia, Entertainment Centre
  • 3/14, 15 - Brisbane, Australia, Entertainment Centre

The dates for Brad are:

  • 1/7 - Brisbane, Australia, Brisbane Festival Hall
  • 1/9 - Perth, Australia, Belvoir Theatre
  • 1/11 - Adelaide, Australia, Thebarton Theatre
  • 1/13 - Melbourne, Australia, The Concert Hall
  • 1/14 - Melbourne, Australia, Metro
  • 1/16, 17 - Sydney, Australia, State Theatre
  • 1/18 - Sydney, Australia, Selinas
  • 1/21, 22 - Auckland, New Zealand, Auckland Town Hall