Pearl Jam's "Yield" Rolling Out Of Stores

Pearl Jam released its new album "Yield" on Tuesday, and while it's too early to tell how first week and long range sales will go, first day reports from across the country seem very encouraging.

Spokespeople for the Tower Records chain said fans began lining up outside some stores late Monday night, and that "Yield" was easily their top seller on Tuesday. Reps for the Virgin Megastore in New York City's Times Square say sales were, "phenomenal."

The Best Buy chain, with 284 stores nationwide, says "Yield" sold an average of 100 copies per store and may replace the "Titanic" soundtrack as this week's top seller.

Other outlets, like Sam Goody in Chicago, also report strong sales.

While the members of Pearl Jam have never been ones to base their success on their standing on the charts, the good sales news should come as a bit of a relief for the band after it departed from its usual creative process when writing "Yield" (see "Pearl

Jam Talks About New Approach To 'Yield'").

MTV News will have much more of its exclusive on-camera Pearl Jam interview this weekend in "MTV News 1515."