Pearl Jam Joined By Dennis Rodman In Dallas

On Sunday in Dallas, the members of Pearl Jam got to experience the kind of emotion typically limited to Michael Jordan and the rest of the Chicago BullsÉ they got teed off at Dennis Rodman.

The tattooed walking time bomb was shirtless, shoeless, and swigging a bottle of wine when he jumped up on stage with the band. According to a critic from the "Dallas Morning News," Rodman held forth for some 45 minutes before the band tired of his antics, which included chanting "Are you having a good time?" during the song "Corduroy." Rodman also chimed in on "Alive," but his mic was finally cut off during his contribution to "Spin The Black Circle."

An exasperated Stone Gossard suggested that Rodman, "Get the f*** off the stage," and Eddie Vedder told the player, "I'm guessing you've been drinking for three days straight."

Rodman's camp would only say that he "had a good time at the show."

Pearl Jam plays Phoenix on Wednesday, but don't tell Dennis.