Pearl Jam Nixes Free Live CD

After objections were raised by the band's label, Best Buy has pulled from the shelves a live, 17-song Pearl Jam album that was supposed to be a free promotional giveaway distributed to each customer that purchased the group's new home video, "Single Video Theory."

According to Pearl Jam's camp, the promotional album, which was recorded at an Australian concert earlier this year, was never approved, and on Tuesday the band's label released a statement that read, "Sony Music Entertainment is pleased that Best Buy has agreed to withdraw its plans to distribute this Pearl Jam recording, which was not authorized by Sony Music or the band."

Best Buy was still working on its comment at press time, but one store manager told MTV News that they weren't told to pull the album from stock until Tuesday morning, the day the video went on sale. The store manger also said that customers purchasing "Single Video Theory" will be given any other CD in the store -- up to a $14.99 value.

Best Buy has done exclusive promotional CDs with several artists and tours, including Page & Plant, Ozzfest and Janet Jackson.

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