Pearl Jam Unveils "Binaural" Cover Art, Track Listing

Pearl Jam has taken to the web to unveil the cosmic artwork and track listing for its new album, "Binaural," the Seattle band's follow-up to its pair of 1998 releases, "Yield" and the "Live On Two Legs" concert LP.

The cover for "Binaural," which appears to depict a blue-green "eye" surrounded by several translucent circles, is actually an image of the Hourglass Planetary Nebula, located some 8,000 light years away from Earth, that was digitally photographed by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in January 1996.

Pearl Jam has also posted the full, 13-song track listing for "Binaural" on its official Web site, including "Nothing As It Seems," which Epic Records will issue as the first single from "Binaural" on April 11.

The group will launch a North American tour in support of "Binaural" on August 3 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, an outing Peal Jam will precede with a European tour, set to start on May 23 in Lisbon, Portugal (see "Pearl

Jam Goes 'Binaural' With New Album, North American Tour").

Pearl Jam's "Binaural" will also now be released in the U.S. on May 16, a week earlier than originally announced.

The track listing for "Binaural:

  • "Breakerfall"
  • "God's Dice"
  • "Evacuation"
  • "Light Years"
  • "Nothing As It Seems"
  • "Thin Air"
  • "Insignificance"
  • "Of The Girl"
  • "Grievance"
  • "Rival"
  • "Sleight Of Hand"
  • "Soon Forget"
  • "Parting Way"

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