Pavement Number One on College Radio and Retail Charts

TABITHA: Number one on the college radio and retail charts is very definitely where Pavement's new album, "Brighten The Corners" finds itself this week. The band's catchy but unslick songs and sometimes sloppy live performances are matched by a uniquely lo-fi command of music video, too, as in the new album's first clip, "Stereo." It features, among others things, a toy squirrel lip synching hilarious lyrics about Rush frontman Geddy Lee. It inspired us to join Pavement in taking stock of their irreverent body of video work.

VIDEO, "Cut Your Hair"

BOB NASTANOVICH, Percussion/Vocals: Oh, this is on East 12th street in Manhattan at a grand old barber shop there. This barber in particular did an outstanding job of acting, really hammed it up. This was our first video so I think we were a little bit stiffer than... just that initial thing.

MARK IBOLD, Bass: Who's that skinny guy in the center?

NASTANOVICH: Our drummer Steve West would be the

best thespian in the band. He was actually an actor in high school . That was the original video which we made with a camcorder for like 20 bucks.

IBOLD: I haven't seen that in ages. It looks really good. Ugh, I hate this beginning.

VIDEO, "Range Life"

NASTANOVICH: We've never met this woman. This is a friend of ours from college, in his words, he had this really hot footage of this girl on a beach...we were kind of reluctant and gave him the go ahead so we never saw it until it was on MTV... It's always weird.

IBOLD: That's the Reading Festival, what was the other one?

NASTANOVICH: Pop Festival in Belgium some shots from there and then there's Lowlands in Holland.

IBOLD: We pioneered that walking backwards while other people are moving forwards. We never got the lip synching thing down... The lip synching always looks off which I don't really see on other videos on MTV. It must

be part of the criteria for getting played.

VIDEO, "Father To A Sister"

SCOTT KANNBERG, Guitar/Vocals: This is my favorite.

IBOLD: Yeah, this is the best one.

NASTANOVICH: This is in a mall parking lot in North Carolina, right? That was classic.

IBOLD: When my girlfriend saw me she said, "Who's that Mexican guy?"

VIDEO, "Gold Soundz"

KANNBERG: This one didn't get played very much.

NASTANOVICH: We were really proud of this video. We thought this would be the one.

IBOLD: This is a real bang for the bucks video. (LAUGHTER).

NASTANOVICH: I guess it was Scott and Steve Malkmus came in to one of the hotel rooms with these Santa Claus suits and we went out to get bow and arrows, yeah. I think that might be the reason for the complete lack of success of this video, the fact that it has this unpleasant footage of a raw bird being tossed around. This is the best part. This is right by the highway.


Mark's is the best though.

NASTANOVICH: I've had a pretty good time with it.

IBOLD: Yeah. I guess they're sort of like a really expensive photo album for us to have to show our kids.

NASTANOVICH: Pretty much, yeah.

TABITHA: Pavement is gallivanting around Europe right now but will come back to the States to tour here next month. That wraps it up from here. We'll be back next week with Live, more on the future of Death Row Records, Jim Carrey with the truth about "Liar Liar," and Howard Stern, "King Of All Media." See you then.