Papa Roach Talks Planned "Angels And Insects" Single

Papa Roach is in the final week of its U.S. headlining tour and will head to Europe in early October for a brief run prior to hooking up with Limp Bizkit, Eminem, and Xzibit for the "Anger Management Tour."

The Roach recently unveiled the Marcos Siega-directed video for its current single, "Broken Home," and the band told MTV News that it has already chosen "Between Angels And Insects" to be the third radio single from its platinum-selling "Infest" LP.

"Well, [the song asks,] between angels in the sky and the insects crawling around on the ground, where are you?" explained Papa Roach frontman Coby Dick. "You're a person. Like, geographically and physically, you are in between.

"It's a song about being a person and realizing what is real in the world and what should mean the most to you is your friends, like these people right here,"

said Dick, referring to bandmates Jerry Horton, Dave Buckner, and Tobin Esperance.

"Like this jacket and these clothes I'm wearing," he continued, "they don't mean a damn thing.... It's your family, it's your friends, it's love. It's like, take your possessions, take your Bentley, and f***ing throw that sh** off a cliff, 'cause that's not what should make you happy. It's not what's tangible; it's love."

The "Between Angels And Insects" single isn't likely to be issued for the next few months, as "Broken Home" has just been sent out to radio and "Last Resort" is still holding strong on the singles charts.

Dick also told MTV News that while he's looking forward to the "Anger Management" outing, he's enjoyed the over-the-top audiences that have greeted Papa Roach on its own recent shows.



an awesome time," Dick said, "because we got to go out and open [for Korn], and now we're out with hed (pe) and TapRoot, some bands that we've been down with for a while. But now, to go to the show and walk in there, it's just [people screaming] 'Papa Roach! Papa Roach!'

"It's insane to be there and know the show is ours," Dick added, "and all those people are there just singing our words, sweating and bleeding.... It's rock and roll." [RealVideo]

Papa Roach will wrap its current tour following shows in San Antonio, Texas, on September 29, and Noblesville, Indiana, on September 30. The band will also appear at the WNNX-sponsored "Big Day Out" festival in Atlanta on October 1 (see "Papa Roach,

Green Day, STP Set For 'Big Day Out' Benefit").

The Limp Bizkit-fronted "Anger Management Tour" is scheduled to launch on October 19 in East Rutherford, New Jersey (see "Limp Bizkit, Eminem, Papa Roach Unveil Tour Dates").

For a full-length interview with the band, check out the MTV News Online feature "Papa Roach: Come To Papa."