Pantera Follows Chart Debut With "Heavy Metal 2000"

Heavy music titans Pantera made a triumphant return to the charts this week with their first studio album in four years, and are likely to hit the chart once again next month with yet another offering.

Pantera's "Reinventing The Steel" sold more than 161,000 copies in its first week in stores to debut at number four on next week's "Billboard" album chart. Next month, the band will offer another (smaller) chunk of new material when the soundtrack to "Heavy Metal 2000" (the sequel to the 1981 animated cult film) hit stores. Pantera contributes a new song called "Immortally Insane" to the film, marking the first time that the band has ever written and recorded a song specifically for a movie.

"It just kind of came to us," Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul explained of the project. "We were rehearsing for

the Black Sabbath tour,

and we got a call and they said, 'Would you like to be on the Heavy Metal 2000 soundtrack? We want you to be on it.' Knowing the original, it definitely sounded like a good idea. They sent us some clips of the movie, and it looked like they were definitely serious about the approach they were taking to the movie." [RealAudio]

A number of other artists apparently feel the same way as Bauhaus, Monster Magnet, System Of A Down, Coal Chamber, Insane Clown Posse, Queens Of The Stone Age, MDFMK, Machine Head, Full Devil Jacket, Puya, Apartment 26, Billy Idol, Twiztid, Hate Dept., Days Of The New, Sinisstar, and Zilch have all kicked in new are previously unreleased tracks for the soundtrack. The collection hits stores on April 18 courtesy of Restless Records.