"Heavy Metal" Descends On L.A.

People of Los Angeles, consider yourselves warned.

The folks behind the soundtrack to the upcoming animated feature "Heavy Metal 2000" are declaring next Tuesday, April 18 "Heavy Metal Day in L.A."

To mark the occasion, B-movie queen Julie Strain (the living inspiration for the heroine of "Heavy Metal 2000" and star of such classics as "Lingerie Kickboxer," "Bikini Hotel," and "Guns Of El Chupacabra") will hit the Golden Apple Comics Megastore on Melrose Avenue to sign copies of the soundtrack and "Heavy Metal 2000" tie-in comic.

"Heavy Metal 2000" creative artist and writer Kevin Eastman will also be on hand, and organizers say that some of the artists from the film's soundtrack are likely to come out as well.

As we previously reported, the animated sci-fi sequel is packing a soundtrack that boasts new or unreleased songs from Pantera, Bauhaus, Monster Magnet, System Of A Down, Coal Chamber, Insane Clown Posse, Queens Of The Stone Age,

Billy Idol, Full Devil Jacket, Apartment 26 and others (see "Pantera Follows Chart Debut With 'Heavy Metal 2000'").

In addition to the high-profile push the soundtrack will get through Tuesday's event, Monster Magnet is also shooting a video for its contribution to the album, "Silver Future."

While the film doesn't arrive until July, the album hits stores next week. Here's what you'll find on it:

  • Monster Magnet - "Silver Future"
  • MDFMK - "Missing Time"
  • Pantera - "Immortally Insane"
  • Zilch - "Inside The Pervert Mound"
  • Insane Clown Posse with Twiztid - "Dirt Ball"
  • System Of A Down - "Storaged"
  • Days Of The New - "Rough Day"
  • Sinisstar - "Psychosexy"
  • Queens Of The Stone Age - "Infinity"
  • Machine Head - "Alcoholocaust"
  • Full Devil Jacket - "Green Iron Fist"
  • Hate Dept. - "Hit Back"
  • Puya - "Tirale"
  • Apartment 26 - "Dystopia"
  • Billy Idol - "Buried Alive"

  • Coal Chamber - "Wishes"
  • Bauhaus - "The Dog's A Vapour"