Puya Brings Latin-Flavored Metal To Kiss, Ozzfest Tours

If you're an aspiring metalhead, you probably couldn't dream up a better summer than the one the guys in Puya have ahead of them.

The band, which infuses crunching melodies with the Latin beats of its native Puerto Rico, returns to its homeland this week to open for Kiss Wednesday night at San Juan's Roberto Clemente Stadium.

"It's incredible, man," Puya guitarist Ramon Ortiz told MTV News of the opportunity.

"To top it off, it's in our home," drummer Eduardo Paniagua added.

The four members of Puya (Ortiz, Paniagua, vocalist Sergio Curbelo, and bassist Harold Hopkins) left San Juan for Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 1992, so this week's show gives the band a couple of reasons to celebrate.

"It's gonna be incredible," Paniagua said. "I've never seen Kiss in concert myself, so it's gonna be great."

"I saw them, but when they took the makeup off, the 'Animalize' tour," Ortiz noted.

"But now it's like the comeback," Paniagua said. "It's gonna be great." [RealVideo]

The band will then open a handful of dates for Gwar, including a slot on this month's New England Metal and Hardcore Festival in Worcester, Massachusetts. There the band will share the stage with Candiria, Morbid Angel, Earth Crisis, and a boatload of others for three very loud days that begin on April 30 (see "Gwar, Morbid Angel, Misfits, More Sign On For Metal Fest").

Puya then moves on to the granddaddy of all metal shindigs, the Ozzfest, where the band will spend the summer opening for the recently reunited Black Sabbath.

"Knowing that

you're gonna

play with all these bands that you've been a fan of for so many years, and a lot of them we haven't seen yet, but to know that we're going to be sharing the stage with them is incredible," [RealVideo] Paniagua said.

Puya will also get the chance to rub shoulders with Rob Zombie, Slayer, Primus, Deftones, System Of A Down, Static X, and its old tourmates Fear Factory on this summer's Ozzfest, which kicks off on May 27 in West Palm Beach, Florida. (For a complete itinerary, see "Ozzfest Dates Lined Up, But Nashville Pussy Won't Be Along For The Ride".)